Welcome to I AM GUIDED BY SOURCE, where we are dedicated to helping you understand yourself on a deeper level and achieve a richly rewarding, well-balanced life. As an experienced practitioner specializing in aura and chakra scanning, I offer real-time and accurate readings using state-of-the-art bio-feedback technology.

Using a device called a Bio-sensor, I capture and calculate your unique human energy field (HEF) based on biofeedback data[1]. This data is then translated into a color spectrum, allowing us to visualize and analyze your aura[1]. The aura is essentially your personal energy field, the "human atmosphere" that surrounds you at all times[2]. By measuring your biofeedback data and interpreting it, I generate a computer-generated aura or chakra image that represents your bio-energetic field, emotional energetic state, personality type, and energetic wellness[2].

Think of this process as a selfie for your spirit, providing valuable insights into your mental, physical, and emotional life. We have found through scientific research that the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy extending about 4-5 feet around the body, and its condition is closely connected to your overall health[2].

At I AM GUIDED BY SOURCE, we believe that information is power. The better you understand yourself, the better equipped you are to succeed in all areas of life, whether it's business, relationships, finances, or personal development[2]. That's why we proudly offer the Aura Video Station, a revolutionary tool combining ancient knowledge with cutting-edge multimedia technology to provide you with accurate and valuable information about yourself.

Currently, my focus lies on developing a Sonic healing system that incorporates real-time data monitoring to track progress. Throughout my 25-year journey of studying various spiritual practices, from Tai Chi and Qi Gong to Buddhism and Reiki, I have encountered many intriguing concepts like chakras and auras. However, the lack of tangible evidence in spiritual practices has always been a challenge for me.

As I delved deeper into my quest for these elusive spiritual modalities, I stumbled upon a remarkable device capable of reading the energy output of chakras and presenting a real-time picture of one's aura. This discovery sparked a profound realization for me, as I've come to understand that everything in the universe operates on specific frequencies and vibrations. These frequencies create energetic fields, which we can influence through our perception, beliefs, and thoughts, effectively shaping our reality. Incorporating the knowledge and experiences gained during my spiritual journey, I've transformed into a spiritual scientist. My ultimate goal is to provide evidence of change and the existence of the spiritual realm, as I believe it is crucial to have scientific and experiential proof to break free from the limitations of a conditioned mind. By establishing a 4-stage process in my business, I aim to achieve this objective. The first stage involves creating a robust system to interpret the gathered data. In the second stage, this data will be used to develop a healing modality. The third stage focuses on refining and attuning the modality for optimal effectiveness. Finally, the fourth stage revolves around fostering a community of like-minded individuals, as I believe collective efforts can lead to a shift in our reality, a phenomenon akin to the "100th monkey effect." Over the next month, I will introduce healing modalities that, when integrated with the data interpretation system, will provide undeniable evidence of ontological change and spiritual transformation. I encourage you to join my newsletter to stay updated on the progress and upcoming developments over the next year.

Some exciting features in the newsletter include ritual spellwork, guided meditations, sound healing videos, workshops, affirmation work, and real-world experiences to explore and try out. I emphasize that everything we do in our spiritual practices is a form of ritual, a permission slip for intentional change granted to our subconscious. By aligning ourselves with the source field of unconditional love, we can embark on a meaningful and transformative journey together. I am thrilled to collaborate with all of you and contribute to this path of profound self-discovery and growth.

As a digital music and video/photo editor and producer, I am excited to introduce our latest collection of mesmerizing fractal art pieces that showcase the beauty and complexity of mathematical algorithms. Our abstract art designs are created using intricate geometric patterns and computer-generated techniques, resulting in stunning kaleidoscope and psychedelic visuals that are perfect for use in music videos, digital art installations, and more.

Each piece in our collection is inspired by the wonders of fractal geometry and features visually striking fractal patterns that are sure to captivate any audience. We've utilized the Mandelbrot set and Julia set to create breathtaking fractal designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Our algorithmic art pieces are perfect for digital artists who appreciate the fusion of technology and art. Each design is meticulously crafted using computer-generated algorithms that produce stunning fractal graphics and breathtaking fractal visualizations. These designs are perfect for incorporating into music videos, digital art installations, and other multimedia projects.

Whether you're a digital music producer looking for captivating visuals to accompany your latest track, or a video/photo editor looking for unique and visually striking designs to incorporate into your projects, our fractal art collection is the perfect solution. Our versatile fractal designs can be used to complement a variety of different styles, making them perfect for any digital media project.

So, if you're looking to elevate your digital art and multimedia projects with stunning fractal art pieces, look no further than our collection. Explore the world of fractal geometry and experience the beauty of DIGITAL ART with us!

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